ActiTube Extra Slim 6mm

2,50 7,00  sis alv 24%

Those who find our packed activated charcoal filters too mild to taste, can choose the new EXTRA SLIM FULL FLAVOR.

Our full flavor activated charcoal filter is only half filled with activated charcoal. As a result, significantly fewer pollutants are filtered and the taste becomes rougher. With its 6 mm it is the youngest and smallest member of the actiTube family. Due to the mild taste of our 7 mm and 8 mm activated charcoal filters, people often take too large drags. This causes the joint to overheat. With the 50% FULL FLAVOR filling, the smoke tastes more intense and small puffs are enough to get a strong taste.

ActiTube Extra Slim 6mm – 10 Kpl
2,50  sis alv 24%


ActiTube Extra Slim 6mm – 50 Kpl
7,00  sis alv 24%