AUTO Forbidden Cherry

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•    Auto Forbidden Cherry is a fully purple, robust and stable autoflower, this strain is perfect for outdoor or greenhouse cultivation and performs well in a wide variety of conditions

•    This Indica-dominant auto has a fast flowering time and is ready to harvest approximately 9-10 weeks after autoflower seed germination

•    Auto Forbidden Cherry is a resistant autoflower that can take a beating, her coloured buds are beautiful to look at and are relatively compact

•    It is an easy-to-grow autoflower with a very pungent aroma and a refined taste. The high is pleasant, relaxed with a strong body effect


Auto Forbidden Cherry is an easy plant to grow, very stable and tough. It is a fast purple autoflower that always knows how to perform

Auto Forbidden Cherry is a stable and easy autoflower to grow. She has been selectively bred for resistance and stability over several generations. The goal was to create a beautiful purple autoflower strain that still manages to perform in a wide variety of conditions.

Outdoors in the open ground, in a greenhouse or in an indoor grow. This lady does well everywhere! A dry and sunny continental climate, a wet maritime climate or a cold and mountainous temperate climate, this autoflower strain can be grown successfully anywhere.


Auto Forbidden Cherry is a fast-flowering purple autoflower strain with a compact plant and bloom structure. The ideal strain for the novice grower looking for a fast, guaranteed harvest

Auto Forbidden Cherry® is a fast-flowering Indica-dominant autoflower strain. One of the most beautiful features remains the completely purple buds, ranging from violet / pink to very dark purple and in some cases even (pitch) black. This is especially common when grown outdoors in colder conditions. This original Dutch Passion auto also produces purple flowers in an indoor grow since this is a genetic characteristic of the strain.

The plants usually have a small Christmas tree structure with a dominant main cola and a few smaller side blooms. There are a few phenotypes that can also grow slightly larger, especially when placed in a relatively large pot from the start. When grown in a small container, this strain remains very compact and small in stature.

That also makes her ideally suited for growing on a balcony or in a small garden where growers prefer a not-too-large (and visible) plant. Auto Forbidden Cherry is a suitable strain for growing in the open ground (guerrilla style) or in a greenhouse in a temperate climate. But she can also handle even the more northern (or southern) and colder climates.

Auto Forbidden Cherry flowering time

Auto Forbidden Cherry grows indoors under 20/4 light from autoflower seed to harvest in approximately 63-70 days on average. In just 10 weeks, this feminised autoflowering plant grows into a compact, medium-sized cannabis plant up to approximately 75 cm in height. Of course, the final size depends on the size of the pot, the number of hours of light per day, the climate, the soil, nutrition and care. But the phenotype can also play a role.

Outdoors and in greenhouses this strain does very well, even in the more challenging conditions. This strain is a real ‘all-rounder’ and can be grown in all kinds of conditions. Outdoors, the total flowering time of this strain can take about a week to 1.5 weeks longer – up to 11-12 weeks to mature from autoflower seed to harvest.

This mainly applies at low (night) temperatures. This strain can withstand this relatively well. Due to the cold temperatures the purple colours can become even darker and the buds sometimes even turn almost completely black! This autoflower does very well in pots and the more aerated grow containers are recommended for growing in very wet climates.

The yield of Auto Forbidden Cherry

Auto Forbidden Cherry normally produces compact to medium sized plants. It is a fast auto that is usually between compact and medium in size (depending on growing conditions and pot choice). The yield can vary from an average of 25-100 grams per plant. The yield has an ‘L’ rating (denoting Large yields), indoors around 400g -450g/m2 will be possible.

The Dutch Passion autoflower produces compact purple flowers, with some room between the buds, which allows more air and light to pass through / penetrate. This in turn improves rot / mould resistance. Most outdoor growers, especially those in more temperate or colder climates, will get around 30-50g per plant. In a sunny and dry climate, yields of up to 150g per plant are possible.

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SEX Feminized
CROSS Purple#1 (Auto Forbidden Fruit x Cherry Pie)
INDOOR YIELD 400-450 g/m2
OUTDOOR YIELD 25-150 g/plant
THC High