BL Quartz Banger Cyclone Riptide Cap and Pearls SG14

20,00  sis alv 24%

Big banger from Black Leaf® made of best quartz glass. The Banger is complemented with a very special carb cap, the Cylone Riptide Spinner Carb Cap, and two dab pearls.

✔️ QUARTZ glass with low thermal expansion and high temperature resistance

✔️ Badass Cyclone Riptide Spinning Carb Cap for the fiercest turbulence

✔️ 2 terp pearls for steam maximation

The special carb cap has eight angled airflow channels that turn the incoming air into a veritable cyclone as it starts spinning around. This in turn ensures efficient vaporization of the extract while the two air holes in the carb cap can be used to regulate the air supply, vapour development and temperature as desired.

The terp pearls can rotate very well in this banger and thus further heat up the vapourization. This is how you get the most flavourful and richest vapour out of even small dabs.

For an optimal dabbing experience, we recommend only using bongs with a drawtube diameter up to a maximum of 40mm.



  • Quartz Glass
  • Black Leaf Logo
  • SG 14 (14,5mm)
  • 25/21mm
  • 90°
  • Carb Cap, Terp Pearls