Blue Skunk

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Blue Skunk Feminized flowers offer aromas that give Skunk lovers a little something extra, with a touch of sweetness and alluring undertones. These seeds will grow into a bushy plant of medium height. It can be grown naturally or by using common training techniques. A distinct advantage of Blue Skunk Feminized seeds is that gardeners will only have the desired, bud producing females in their garden space.

Blue Skunk Feminized seeds are a cross of Blueberry and the combination of Shiva Skunk and Hindu Kush. Although these are all indica-dominant strains, the sativa traits are recognizable in the euphoric effects and creative boost. The long spear-like colas are also reminiscent of sativa varieties. The indica influence is clearly witnessed in the plants compact and bushy nature, but the Hindu Kush cuts through in the flavour, offering undertones of hashish and aniseed.

Growth pattern of Blue Skunk Feminized

The growth patterns of Blue Skunk Feminized seeds are predominantly indica morphologies. Thick and sturdy branches reach out from the main stem of the plant. The tight nodal spacing of side branches and the many auxiliary shoots fill the frame with dense and bushy foliage. It will be beneficial to defoliate, but it is also indicative of the many bud sites this plant can produce.

Being a feminized strain, growers are on easy street, with no need to waste time growing and then discovering there are non-budding male plants in the garden. This is an advantage for new growers. Another advantage of Blue Skunk Feminized is the 50-55 day flowering time. The quick finishing time leaves less room for error maintaining balanced nutrient requirements in the soil.

Blue Skunk Feminized grown in optimal conditions can reach 120-140 cm indoors. For growers in sunny areas, or even mildly cool and occasionally rainy climates, they should see heights near or over 160 cm. A lot of the height is the spear shaped colas, which when harvested, can hit impressive numbers. In a monitored indoor environment, yields have been 500-550 grams per m². Outdoor growers in a good season can harvest 600 grams or higher per plant.

Bud formation of the Blue Skunk Feminized plant features an evenly balanced leaf-to-calyx ratio. Although there may be more leaf to trim, the dense bud formation makes it a breeze to zip up that main stalk with the trimming scissors. Beautiful colours are present on the leaves as the buds mature. Starting as light green foliage, flowers mature to express vibrant purplish expressions that catch the eye.

Blue Skunk Feminized grows well on its own naturally, with a little defoliation. Gardeners looking to maximize yields often apply special training techniques, like SOG, SCROG, Supercropping, or Lollipopping. This strain is suitable for all of the techniques mentioned above. Blue Skunk Feminized is a robust plant when given the right environment for success.

Effect, taste, and smell of Blue Skunk Feminized

The sativa influence over the Blue Skunk Feminized is felt most in the overall effects. The stone sets in immediately with an uplifting, cerebral high that feels like a jolt of happiness cascading through the mind. Artistic types often feel a boost of creativity from the effects. Gently, and without notice, the effects turn to a soothing buzz, radiating the body. The indica heritage takes over from there to offer deep sedation.

Blue Skunk Feminized has a noticeably skunky and pungent floral scent to it while growing. Throughout the curing process, the smell develops individual notes and complimentary undertones. The sweet and skunky main nose of the terpene profile are proportioned just right, as to coexist in balance. Beneath the main aromas are refreshing undertones of wild berries and relaxing notes of sandalwood.

Blueberry is one of the parental lines in Blue Skunk Feminized, and the taste of fresh blueberries definitely registers on the palate. Complimenting the blueberry are flavours representative of the other parents. A subtle earthiness is present in the taste, as well as warm hints of sandalwood. On the back of the tongue, an essence of chocolate and hashish can be detected, along with the faint contribution of aniseed. It is a beautiful and diverse combination that comes together to create a unique profile.

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  • Seed bank: Sensi Seeds.
  • Gender: Feminized.
  • Genotype: Indica Dominant.
  • Genetics: Blueberry x (Shiva Skunk x Hindu Kush).
  • Flowering: 50-55 days.
  • Harvest: Late September-Early October.
  • Indoor production: 500-550 g/m2.
  • Outdoor production: 600g/plant.
  • Indoor height: 120-140cm.
  • Outdoor height: 160cm.
  • Flavor: Hash, sandalwood, blueberry.
  • Aroma: Woody, earthy, fruity, spicy.
  • Effect: Powerful physical relaxant, mild euphoria.