California Octane

50,00  sis alv 24%

Unleash the power of California Octane marijuana seeds, the variety from Humboldt Seed Company! This hybrid sensation features remarkable characteristics that will leave you impressed. From its exotic charm to its unparalleled performance, California Octane marijuana seeds have it all. Discover the secret behind its irresistible appeal and learn more about this strain.

Description: What are California Octane Seeds?

California Octane cannabis seeds are the result of carefully selected parent strains Dream Queen, I-369, and Papaya. As a feminized variety, this strain exhibits a dominance with an Indica tendency and offers a unique terpene profile inherited from its predecessors. Additionally, with a THC level of 26%, California Octane provides a potent experience.


California Octane marijuana seeds produce medium-sized plants with robust branches and super stacked pyramid-shaped buds. The most notable feature is that these buds are adorned with a thick layer of aromatic and sticky resin.

Moreover, the flowers emit a distinctive and intense smell with hints of guava, sweet ice cream, custard, and diesel fuel. They are a visual and olfactory marvel.

50,00  sis alv 24%

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– Genetics: Dream Queen x I-369 x Papaya

– Marijuana Seeds: Feminized

– Genotype: Indica dominance

– Indoor Flowering: Up to 60 days

– Outdoor Flowering: October 1st to 15th

– THC: 26%

– Indoor Yield: High

– Outdoor Yield: High