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Euforia is a cannabis cup winning Skunk classic, this strain has been a bestseller in the Dutch Passion seed collection for decades.

• She has become world famous for her powerful euphoric up-high. Her potent resinous buds have a high THC content of up to 20%

• If you are looking for stable, robust and high yielding Skunk genetics that are easy to grow, Euforia is the way to go

• Euforia has an average flowering time of around 9 weeks and has a complex and mainly pungent terpene profile, her buds are very aromatic with great flavour

Euforia, our old-school Skunk classic that won several cups shortly after introduction

Euforia is a real ‘sticky’ Skunk with a potent effect. The THC-rich buds are easily appreciated by fans of strong Skunk genetics. The clear, energetic and euphoric high is what gives this strain her name. This high is responsible for the 2 cannabis cups – a 1st prize at the HighLife Cup in 2002 and the first prize in 1999 at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

  • 1st prize Highlife Cup 2002
  • 2nd prize HTCC 1999
  • Euforia is a robust Skunk strain that is easy to grow, high yields can be achieved both indoors and outdoors and in greenhouses

    Euforia is an award-winning high quality Skunk that is easy to grow. This Sativa dominant strain produces a full and strong aroma, the buds are sticky and can really smell! The yield is high and the THC levels are also high, around 20% when grown in the right conditions.

    She has a nice bag appeal and a powerful euphoric high.Because of this unique up-high, the name Euforia was chosen, 25 years after its introduction she is still a bestseller. This feminised seed strain has a very good reputation and a large repeat customer base. She is incredibly strong and robust, she can be grown in many different conditions.

    This makes her ideal for novice growers or growers looking for a stable strain to grow alongside other varieties. In addition to indoor cultivation, Euforia will also thrive in warm climates and is also very suitable for cultivation in greenhouses. Euforia has a Sativa-dominant plant structure and therefore wants to grow in height and width. She gets strong, long branches that become full of long fused flowers. The buds get really big and chunky.

    These resin-infused buds are very sticky to the touch. Due to the long heavy buds it is recommended to give the plants some support towards the end of the flowering phase. Flowers as long as your arm are no exception with this strain! The plant is easy to clone and is also excellent as a mother plant.

    She can stretch considerably during the flowering phase and is suitable for both SOG and SCROG growers. Her internode distance is short to medium and she can be grown using a variety of breeding techniques. Topping/fimming, bending, snapping, super cropping, anything is possible with this lady!

    The genetics used for Euforia guarantee the following properties:

    • A very robust Sativa-dominant Skunk with a great euphoric up-high
    • Plants with vigorous growth that can take a beating
    • Euforia combines high potency with a high yield, this unique Skunk is also easy to grow and thrives in many different conditions

    Euforia has a pungent and complex terpene profile, both aroma and taste are very skunky and the high THC level of around 20% ensures that even the most experienced smokers will be impressed by the potency of this strain.

  • Euforia® is a strong and stable variety with a high potential yield. Generous harvests of between 400-600g /m2 are possible on average. She does well on (organic) soil, on coco-fibre or in a hydro system. Organic soil and nutrition is recommended if you are looking for the most pungent aroma and flavor.
30,00  sis alv 24%

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Genetics Skunk
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC Content up to 20.0%
Yield 600 gr/m2
Plant Height 100 – 150 cm.
Flowering Time 8 Weeks
Harvest Month October/November
Awards 1st Prize Hydro Cup (High Life HF) 2002, 2nd Prize Sativa Cup (HTCC) 2000