Godfather Bomb

41,00  sis alv 24%

The Godfather is all powerful and when it comes to marijuana, this is particularly true. Packing 30% THC there is no messing with this strain that deserves your respect.

Our breeding team were fortunate to enough to be gifted some Godfather OG seeds and knowing its legendary levels of THC they set to work on adding it to our genetic collection. After growing them out and selecting a suitable mother and father plant they began to experiment with crossing them into other varieties. However, what was soon apparent was the incredible vigour and strength of the original plants was something special. Because of this we have maintained that line and now offer them to you unchanged.

The process of ensuring stability and quality is key in all Bomb seeds lines and this is definitely the case with Godfather Bomb. By only selecting the most true breeding offspring of the original, we are able to pass these amazing traits on to you, to enjoy as it should.


To look at, this indica dominant strain has rich green leaves that have a hint of purple around bud sites which will spread as the plant matures or exposed to cooler temperatures. The typical shape means that with training, especially SCROG to maximise light, you will get dense growth with multiple major bud site each bearing rock hard nugs. Without training, indoors you can expect plants to reach around 100-130cms, outdoors anything up to 6 ft or 180cms.

Getting down to business though, Godfather Bomb is not to be taken lightly. 30% THC will have even veteran smokers eyes red and body tingling. Even light use will set a deep seated body stone in place rapidly, which will spread throughout you and soon have you in a heavy lidded stupor. But you’ll be smiling all the while! This does mean that for conditions such as insomnia and pain relief, the Godfather is definitely someone who will help out.

If you want to take on a truly mind and body melting strain that is easy to grow and tasty too, then pay a visit to the Godfather and you won’t be sorry.

41,00  sis alv 24%

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  • Type: Indica/Sativa (70/30)
  • Plant Height: Medium/Tall (100-180cm)
  • THC: Very High (27-30%)
  • Yield: Very High (400g-500g/m²)
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Indoor Flowering: 8-10 Weeks seed to harvest
  • Harvest Outdoor: Late Sept
  • Stoned/High: Very Strong euphoric body buzz