Gorilla Girl XL AUTO (BULK)

3,50  sis alv 24%

Gorilla Girl XL Auto is a marijuana plant that grows vigorously and smoothly. Due to her autoflowering nature, you can harvest her flowers in only 9 weeks from germination.

Her structure exhibits a bang-on mix of Indica and Sativa features: her branches are long and her thick buds grow brimming with trichomes. Towards the end of the flowering period plants are packed with giant resin-laden flowers.

Gorilla Girl XL Auto’s aroma and flavour are intense, sweet and fruity. As soon as you get close to this strain you can sense notes of cypress wood, citrus fruits, and earth. Her effect can be crushing if she reaches her maximum THC levels (of 25%), so make sure you’re ready for a high-flying experience before you try her.

Gorilla Girl XL AUTO (BULK) - 1 Kpl
3,50  sis alv 24%




SEX Autoflowering
GENOTYPE 42% Indica / 58% Sativa
CROSS Gorilla Girl x Sweet Gelato Auto
INDOOR YIELD 450-550 g/m2
OUTDOOR YIELD 50-160 g/plant
THC 18-25%
CBD 0.1%