Gorilla King AUTO

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The mighty King of the Gorillas has arrived

The world of autoflowering cannabis seeds has both fans and detractors. At Kannabia, aware of this, we have put all the fuel on the fire, after long research and a lot of attention to detail, to bring out a new autoflowering variety capable of convincing the undecided. As a result of this genetic work, we have created our wonderful Gorilla King Auto, developed especially for small domestic crops that are looking for total guarantees of success.

Gorilla King Auto is an indica-sativa hybrid that combines the best of each world and of its parents, and that, despite its autoflowering status, surprises for its high productivity and resistance to humidity.

Cultivation of Gorilla King Auto

Medium-sized, it can easily reach 100 cm indoors and 130 cm outdoors in good weather and light conditions, producing beautiful bushy plants with strong branches and large buds. Its low stature also makes it discreet and easily camouflageable, ideal for growing healthy and strong in small spaces and in guerrilla cultivation, where techniques such as SOG are the best option.

Furthermore, despite its shrub-like appearance, its internodes are open enough to allow light and ventilation to circulate properly, factors that contribute positively to avoid moisture-related problems such as fungus and moulds.

As it is a well-studied and developed autoflowering strain, it will not require excessive pampering and attention, making it a fabulous choice for growers of all kinds, both novices and experts, and it will complete its entire cycle in approximately 75 days, offering notable harvests indoors, where it feels “more comfortable”, of up to 500 gr/m2. Outdoors, the production, although somewhat more modest, will hardly fall below 180 grams per plant, if the feeding has been correct.

On the other hand, the genetic contribution of the Ruderalis in our Gorilla King Auto is not an obstacle for a correct production of trichomes, giving rise to attractive buds well smeared in abundant resin, of formidable size and beautiful structure, really optimal for lovers of extractions.

Taste and effect of Gorilla King Auto

At Kannabia we always strive to satisfy a public that, we know, is becoming more demanding and knowledgeable every day. And among these requirements, taste and aroma are obvious priorities, fundamentals that should never be sacrificed in favour of other traits, and which also represent a field of experimentation of the first order. Hence our concern to always obtain complex but well-balanced combinations of flavours and aromas, with enough originality to become unique and essential for your palate.

Gorilla King Auto undoubtedly meets these high standards, displaying a complex melting pot of soft sweet and earthy, spicy and floral nuances at the tasting.

The effect is, however, somewhat sharper in its definition, directly stimulating and motivating, one might almost say “optimistic”, and with a certain preponderance of euphoria in some cases, but leaving you to think clearly and stress-free.

29,00  sis alv 24%

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Variety 50% Indica
Flowering Type Autoflower
Sex Feminised
THC Content 22 %
Yield Indoors: 500 gr/m2 & Outdoors: 180 gr/plant
Feature Good for extractions, Moisture resistant
Complete Cycle 75 Days