35,00  sis alv 24%

FATNESS! Is caracteristic of this strain the widht of the resin glands “sandy” ,one of ours best Sativas with a short flowering time.

From year 2000 a few growers could adquire cuts of strain ICER. Growers from R-kiem Seeds reproduced this variety via inbreed during 11 years to get a estable variety with a brachig of 45 degree from the main stem early flowering time and spectacular floewers even the leaves between the calyx and bract end up folded due to the wight of resi they carry.

2ª Position BHO Summer Cannabis Cup Canarias 2013.

2ª Position BHO Summer Cannabis Cup BCN 2013

3ª Position BHO Copa Natura Verde 2013

2ª PositionSummer Cannabis Cup BCN 2014

3ª Position BHO Copa EXPOGROW Irún 2015

1ª Position DRY SIFT 4ª cata invernal A.C.M.F

2ª Position HIDROPÓNICO 4ª cata invernal A.C.M.F

35,00  sis alv 24%

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Genotype: San Fernando Valley X cut preserved of Ice-Cream

Flavour: With an acid bouquet, this strain astronishes many growers

Indoor: 3 Weeks of vegetative, 8 weeks of bloom

Outdoor: End of September

Production: 540 grams per square meters

Predominance: SATIVA