Kali AK

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ake one look at a Kali AK plant from Original Sensible marijuana seeds and you will realise why this marijuana strain has got everyone talking. Gorgeous resinous crystals coat this plant so thoroughly that it almost looks like it has been out in the snow. And you know from the very start, that when you have a coating of this quality, the high from the amazing high THC levels is going to be strong, powerful and beautifully sweet, yet it will go on and on. The best thing about this strain, is that it is so easy to grow that even new cannabis growers can get incredible results. From fully feminised cannabis seeds, this plant has a flowering time of just 50 to 55 days which means you don’t have to salivate for too long before your harvest is ready. You can then start to collect those gorgeous sweet acidic fruity flavour buds that are going to give you the hit you can only get from a good quality AK. Don’t settle for less. Buy Original Sensible Seeds Kali AK cannabis seeds and get a fast growing, powerful plant that is going to give you the quality of high that you deserve.

Kali AK - 5 Kpl
32,00  sis alv 24%

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SEX Feminized
GENOTYPE Sativa-dominant
CROSS Kali Mist x AK 47
INDOOR YIELD 400-550 g/m2
OUTDOOR HARVEST TIME September / October
OUTDOOR YIELD 600-800 g/plant
THC 20%