Lazerlite 600w

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The Pure Light Lazerlite 600W electronic ballast is safe and adjustable. This allows you to change the power consumption of the lamp without changing the HPS or MH bulb. In this way, you can adjust the power at any time, lowering it when you do not need so intense light.

This ballast is high-end, reliable and safe, reduces energy consumption and raises yields. The level of sound is also greatly reduced.

It is regulated through a potentiometer that adjusts the output power of the bulbs. It has 4 positions: 250w, 400w, 600w and superlumen that makes it possible to increase the light power by 10%.

Lazerlite 600W is suitable for use in conjunction with Pure Light bulbs, but can also be used with other lamps.

The small dimensions and light weight make it a fundamental instrument in the illumination of small and medium-sized indoor cultivations, although it can also be used in larger sites. It has thermal protection and ignition failure and is protected against short circuits. The distance between the bulb and the ballast should be 15 meters, because the power coming down to the lamp goes down.
In addition, the Lazerlite ballast can operate in temperatures from -30º to 50º Celsius.

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