Orginal Glue

30,00  sis alv 24%

Original Glue is a tall, big-yielding and easy to grow hybrid strain that flowers quickly, boasting a staggering THC level of up to 25%. The ultimate couch-lock, face-melting strain, Original Glue is undeniably potent and in a class of her own. Well suited for beginner growers chasing the ultimate in indica effects and diesel, fuel, chocolate and coffee flavours and aroma.

Original Glue is a cross of Chem’s Sister with Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel. Plants will stretch considerably once flowering begins, giving her a tall appearance and making her an excellent candidate for plant training such as tying down and also topping or fimming. Flowering lasts for 7-9 weeks depending on phenotype, whereafter yields are a very generous 500 – 600 g/m2. She is easy to grow, produces large harvests and is perfect for commercial growers, as well as beginner growers. Her bud structure is long and dense, oozing trichomes giving a very sticky appearance – hence the name.

Original Glue has a rich terpene profile comprising of gas/fuel, chocolate with hints of coffee and dank, earthy notes. THC production is in overdrive, between 18 – 25% and in some cases higher still. Although suitable for beginner growers the effects are certainly not suitable for the novice smoker or vaper! It’s a complete knockout Kush effect, great for lazy days or, preferably, evenings.


Orginal Glue – 5 Kpl
30,00  sis alv 24%

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AKA Gorilla Glue
GENETICS Chem’s Sister x (Chocolate Diesel x Sour Dubb)
VARIETY Indica / Sativa
SEX Feminised
THC CONTENT 18 — 25%+
YIELD Indoors: 500 – 600 gr/m2
GROWS Grows indoors, Grows outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 49 – 63 days
TASTE / FLAVOUR Chocolate, Coffee, Diesel, Earthy, Kush, Pine
EFFECT Couch Lock, Euphoric, Relaxing, Sedative, Strong