Royal Gorilla

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Royal Gorilla is an insanely potent 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid cannabis strain that originated in the USA. Royal Gorilla is the result of a serendipitous crossing of Chem Sis with Sour Dubb, when the Chem Sis went hermie, with the later addition of Chocolate Diesel. It was named Gorilla Glue in the US after the powerful adhesive which reflects the stickiness of the absurd amounts of resin of which this plant is capable of producing. It has great medicinal potential.

Not only is this a very potent strain, with some pheno-types producing an astonishing 30% THC, but it is also a pretty good yielder too. Indoors plants will produce between 500 – 550 gr/m2 in a 9 week flowering period if given 600 watts of lighting. Outdoors cultivation is restricted to warm climates meaning that a Mediterranean climate is ideal. In this environment production will be approximately 550 – 600 gr/plant with northern hemisphere harvests taking place in the middle of October. The leaves of this cannabis strain are an attractive lime green and its buds dense and large. Such is the resin production of this plant that even the larger leaves will sparkle with it.

The taste has a foundation of sweet earthiness which is enlivened by notes of pine and lemon from the terpenes pinene and limonene. Although some pheno-types can reach 30% THC the average for the “lesser” phenos is around 26%, still pretty incredible for any other strain. CBD levels are low at less than 1% and this helps to give this weed an immensely potent effect which is deeply relaxing but which also offers an uplifting, cerebral and happy quality that makes it such a special weed strain. This really is something that even the most jaded cannasseur will sit up and take notice of.

A multiple award-winning cannabis strain, Royal Gorilla is likely to have profound medicinal qualities regarding the relief of pain (including chronic pain), stress and depression.

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BREEDER/BRAND Royal Queen Seeds
GENETICS Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel
VARIETY Indica / Sativa
SEX Feminised
YIELD Indoors: 500 – 550 gr/m2, Outdoors: 550 – 600 gr/plant
PLANT HEIGHT Indoors: 90 – 160 cm, Outdoors: 130 – 170 cm
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 8 – 9 weeks
HARVEST MONTH Middle of October
MEDICAL CONDITIONS Depression, Pain, Stress
TASTE / FLAVOUR Earthy, Lemon, Pine, Sweet
EFFECT Couch Lock, Euphoric, Happy, Long-lasting, Physical, Relaxing, Strong, Uplifting
AWARDS Cannabis Cup 2014, 1st place – best hybrid; World Cannabis Cup 2015 – 1st place, best hybrid