White Sirius AUTO

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White Sirius is the proud result of two years work repeatedly crossing White Russian, Chem Dog and Great White Shark which was clearly going to deliver something extraordinary and White Sirius certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department or any other. It is 80% sativa, 15% indica and with just 5% Lowryder genetics to make it into an auto-flowering wonder.

White Sirius develops into a large, multi-branched plant with a heavy covering of foliage and with buds that are liberally covered in sparkling white resin crystals – no big surprise given its ancestry! White Sirius Auto grows to a height of between 60 – 120 cm. tall yielding 50 – 150 gr/plant. It is ready to harvest at 75 – 85 days from seedling.

Lab. testing has revealed CBD content at an amazing 0% (not a typo.) with 18% THC and yet patients who trialled it for medicinal benefits reported great effectiveness for headaches and muscle pain as well as general pain relief. This white strain will really surprise with its effects which include euphoria, laughter, motivation and creativity. In short it will brighten the dullest day and give everyone reason to smile.

Buy White Sirius from Seedsman today and begin your stellar journey to the outer reaches of the perceptual universe.

White Sirius AUTO - 3 Kpl
24,00  sis alv 24%

Varasto loppu



VARIETY Mostly Sativa
FLOWERING TYPE Autoflowering
SEX Feminised
YIELD 50 – 150 gr/plant
PLANT HEIGHT 60 – 120 cm
GROWS Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 75 to 85 days from seed
EFFECT Creative, Energetic, Euphoric, Motivating, Powerful