White Skunk AUTO

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White Label Seeds’ feminised autoflowering marijuana seeds White Skunk Automatic can be grown anywhere and adapt to any climate. Fast-growing and highly-yielding, they’re a high-quality product any grower can cultivate successfully, and their white, aromatic resin is just amazing!

The marijuana plants developed by White Skunk Automatic are strong and resistant. They aren’t very tall, usually reaching between 80 and 110 cm, but their yields are quite satisfactory. Though they’re Skunk strains, the crop’s smell won’t get too strong and can be controlled easily so it won’t draw attention. Their ability to flower automatically, regardless of the photoperiod, is a real plus as you don’t have to keep an eye on the lights anymore when growing indoors and you can set up your outdoor crop when it best suits your needs. Another notable advantage is their speed, which helps to avoid many disease problems. Their buds are aromatic and tight, of great quality, and their resin production is way beyond average.

White Skunk Automatic’s aroma and flavour are a true delight; you’ll discover delicious hints of bitter orange mixed with hues of black chocolate and Skunk. She’s a potent strain with high THC levels delivering a psychoactive, stimulating and cheerful effect that will hit your brain directly and persist for quite a while. Her body effect, though, is pleasant and relaxing.

White Skunk Automatic is therefore a strain full of advantages that allows newbies to catch up with the greatest experts.

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15,00  sis alv 24%

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SEX Autoflowering
GENOTYPE 65% Indica / 35% Sativa