Jack Diesel

52,00  sis alv 24%

Two of the most prized, potent sativa strains in the world of cannabis were brought together to breed at a Posotronics grow site, bringing us, and cannabis growers worldwide, the feminised Jack Diesel seed. From it sprouts one of the headiest, mind-expanding, energising marijuana strains that we’ve come across in our years cultivating cannabis. You know you’ve chosen a good cannabis seed when others have grown plants from it boasting 22 % THC content. And these plants are pungent, with their strong, distinctive wood and mandarin aroma that’s impossible to forget. A couple puffs of Jack Diesel fills your lungs with mandarin flavour and bring a flowing, energetic, creative high that any sativa enthusiast would die for: this strain is another sativa prince.

Yield, yield, yield! Whether you’re all set-up indoors or you’ve established a grow patch outside, cultivating this cannabis and throwing in some scrog grow techniques will fill up your grow area with gigantic buds yielding over 600 grams per individual plant. Wow. And these are round, hefty buds that nearly glow green. Thank Jack Diesel’s conveniently small inter-nodal distance and huge colas that will leave cannabis users staring. The strain vegetates, flowers, and is ready to smoke in around 70 days; not bad, considering Jack Diesel yields more than twice the amount of some other strains. If you’re ready to plant a seed, just give it a spacious, healthy medium to keep its root system happy, keep PH levels from rising too quickly and causing premature yellowing, and feed your plant some chelate nutrients if you feel the need. Guaranteed, the harvest will smoke like a charm. (By the way: Jack Diesel reeks (in a good way). Don’t let that smell wander out of your grow area, or it could catch quite the attention.)

Hands down, if you’re into heady strains like Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, and the Hazes, Jack Diesel will be a sure-fire seed you’ll want to add to your grow list. Cannabis newbies: Be prepared for a wild ride when you puff on you first Jack Diesel bud. Cannabis regulars: be prepared too! If you’re searching for a reliable, sativa-dominant strain that brings a cerebral high like no other, your search is over with Jack Diesel.


Jack Diesel - 5 Kpl
52,00  sis alv 24%

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SEX Feminized
GENOTYPE Sativa-dominant
CROSS Jack Herer x NYC Diesel
OUTDOOR YIELD 600 g/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.1%